Art Of Tax


Income Tax Preparation

We are a tax preparation company that offers a variety of tax and filing services. We urge you to schedule an appointment with one of our local tax prepares at one of our locations most convenient for you. We promise to provide you more options to get a maximum tax refund, guaranteed.

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Reconciliation, payroll taxes, overtime, wage garnishments, new hires, and more! This just the start of the payroll process, and next week, it starts all over again. As a business owner, payroll is a full-time job. You didn’t go into business for yourself to become an expert in compensation, but you also do not want to hire another full-time employee. Art of Tax assists in payroll services to provide you with the help you need at a fraction of the cost of a new employee. This means more time can be spent on growing your business.

Corporation & LLC Formation

Corporations and LLC’s are formed in a similar way; we help you fill out the documents – articles of incorporation – and file it with the state’s Business Entities Filing Office. We will provide you assistance in the development of your corporation to comply with all requirements of your home state’s laws and regulation. We will appoint a team member to help maintain your agency, file an annual report, pay an annual fee, and file documents as needed. We look forward to helping your business strive.

New Business Consultation

Starting up a business can definitely be overwhelming. Luckily, Art of Tax can help business owners establish the best business structure to achieve success. We can also assist in maintaining your books, filing your taxes and to constantly ensure you remain in compliance.

Individual Consultation

We urge you to come in for a consultation to see how we can best help you! Our services range beyond just filing taxes and we strive to ensure our clients are well taken care of.